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Register for NFS

Gaming Contest - NFS (Most Wanted) ( Powered by ASUS)


Anyone can participate

Only individual registration. Team is not allowed.

Registration Fees

NFS (Most Wanted): Registration Fee 200.00 BDT per participant

Rules for the NFS (Most Wanted)

participants can bring their own game accessories like (Keyboard,Joystick) with them .

    • All the participants have to read and understand the rules.
    • Play Type: One VS ONE.
    • Players can bring their own gaming gadgets. No gadgets will be provided by the organizer.
    • The matches will be played by knocked out system.
    • Each player will get 5 minutes to set up personal gadgets with referee's notification.
    • If the player is found to be delaying the match for non-technical reasons, the referee may declare the match forfeit.
    • Game Type: Circuit
    • Host and Client will be decided by coin toss.
    • At the end of each match, players must maintain the final screens and receive confirmation from a referee.
    • Winning a race: The winner of a race is the first player to complete 5 laps of the circuit course and cross the finish line.
    • The use of Lotus Elise, Porches Carrera GT and BMW M3 are not allowed.
    • Only Visual Upgrade is allowed.
    • Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro and Ultimate) allowed, Junkman not allowed.
    • Personal save files are not allowed.
    • Cars may be tuned before racing each course.
    • Game Setting: Courses- 1.Petursburg, Campusway, Heritage & Omega, Ironhorse & Hillcrest Boundary.
    • Each courses may be modified by the organizer. Players will be informed of any such changes before the game.
    • Race Mode: Circuit, Laps: 5, N20: Yes, Collision Detection: Off, Performance Matching: Off.
    • If the game disconnection is deemed to be unintentional by the referee, the game will be restarted. If any or both player does not agree to a match restart, that or both player will be disqualified.
    • Unfair Play: 1. Use of any cheat program, 2. Intentional disconnection, 3. Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings and 4. If the match is disrupted due to unnecessary.
    • Upon discovery of any player committing any violation regarded as unfair play, that player will be disqualified from the tournament.
    • During the course of any match, the operations staff and/or referee may determine other actions to be unfair play at any time.
    • Chatting, the player may be given a warning or lose by defaults at the referee's sole discretions.
    • A participant has to report at the venue with respect to the schedule time table. No participant shall be allowed to participate if he/she does not report to the organizing authority within their reporting time.
    • A participant shall be reported about exact time of their match when they report.
    • If a participant is found missing before the round, then the opponent shall be awarded a walkover to the next round.
    • Gamer must switched off their cell phones, smart watches, tab or any other electronics devices.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed except for chewing gums or breathe fresheners.

    • Registration process is open till 15/11/17.


Pay first (200tk per person) before Register

In order to continue with the registration process for Need for Speed (Most Wanted) you first need to pay the registration fee to the number: 01839 598 523 using bKash. After payment please come up with the transaction ID and the bKash number you sent payment from to continue the registration.

participants can bring their own game accessories like (Keyboard,Joystick) with them .

Participants are required to make separate payment for each individual event.