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BotBall Robotics Contest

BotBall Competition, 2017

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Rules and Regulations for BotBall

    BotBaLL is a Robotic football championship Tournament.

    • There will be two participants for each match which are robots.
    • The shape of the participant robot can be anything (humanoid /tripedal/wheeled etc.). Flying and articulated robots are strongly prohibited.
    • All the participants will be divided into two different groups like A,B
    • Each group will consist of number of teams.
    • Under each group, every team will compete with each other (round robin). For instance, Group A consists of teams’ p, q, r and s. The grouping of matches will be as follows:
      • p -> q
      • p -> r
      • p -> s
      • r -> q
      • r -> s
      • s -> q
    • There will be four circular goal posts (two diffeent colors like red and yellow) in the field with a defined distance. Each robot will try to put the ball in respective color point.
    • There will be obstructions on the way to goals. The robot must not collide with these obstructions.
    • If ball is reflected from impediments more than 3 times and go out of the field, there will be 2 negative points for the responsible robot.
    • Any robot which attacks or hits an opponent intentionally will get 3 negative points.
    • Three accidental hits or attacks will give 2 negative points.
    • The target of competing teams will be to score goals in both sides of the field.
    • The time for each match is 5 minutes.
    • Initially, score line and mark obtained will be the winning criteria.
    • In case of leveled score marks will be the criterion for win.
    • If the match finishes without score and equal points, extra two minutes will be given.
    • In case of equal score line and points, whoever scored first will declare the winner.
    • The game will be started on scheduled time. If any team fails to ensure their presence in time then the present team will be declared as the winner of that match.
    • After completion of all the matches under a group, top four teams will be selected for the semifinal.
    • At semifinal stage Group A champion will meet Group B runner up, whereas Group A runner up play with Group B champion.
    • The length and width of field will be 2:1 in proportion and rectangular in shape.
    • The size of the ball will be equivalent to a standard tennis ball.
    • The authority preserves the power to change/modify/include/overrule any rules.
    • Registration process is open till 15/11/17.

Pay first (500tk per group) before Register

In order to continue with the registration process for BotBall you first need to pay the registration fee to the number: 01839 598 523 using bKash. After payment please come up with the transaction ID and the bKash number you sent payment from to continue the registration.

Participants are required to make separate payment for each individual event.