Solo programming contest

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Rules and Regulations for Solo programming contest

  • ⊛ Participants will be participating individually rather than participating in groups.
  • ⊛ Finally 3 participants will be given awards
  • ⊛ Registration fee is 200 TK for each participant and the registration will be on till 15th, November at 12 AM.
  • ⊛ The registration may close prior to the deadline if maximum numbers of participants register before the deadline. So, it will be on first come first serve basis.
  • ⊛ No participant will be allowed to access any document online
  • ⊛ No electronics device can be used during the contest.
  • ⊛ Solutions to problems submitted for judging are called runs. Each run is judged as accepted or rejected by a judge, and the individual is notified of the results.
  • ⊛ A contestant may submit a claim of ambiguity or error in a problem statement by submitting a clarification request to a judge. If the judges agree that an ambiguity or error exists, a clarification will be issued to all contestants.
  • ⊛ Contestants are not to converse with anyone. Systems support staff may advise contestants on system-related problems such as explaining system error messages.
  • ⊛ A contestant may be disqualified by the judges for any activity that jeopardizes the contest such as dislodging extension cords, unauthorized modification of contest materials, or distracting behavior
  • ⊛ A problem is solved when it is accepted by the judges. The judges are solely responsible for accepting or rejecting submitted runs
  • ⊛ Individuals are ranked according to the most problems solved. For the purposes of awards, individual that solve the same number of problems are ranked by least total time. The total time is the sum of the time consumed for each problem solved. The time consumed for a solved problem is the time elapsed from the beginning of the contest to the submittal of the accepted run plus 20 penalty minutes for every rejected run for that problem regardless of submittal time. There is no time consumed for a problem that is not solved.

  • ⊛ Registration process is open till 15/11/17.

Pay first (200tk per person) before Register

In order to continue with the registration process for Solo Programming Contest you first need to pay the registration fee to the number: 01839 598 523 using bKash. After payment please come up with the transaction ID and the bKash number you sent payment from to continue the registration.

Participants are required to make separate payment for each individual event.