Solo programming contest

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Rules and Regulations for Solo programming contest

  • Participants will be participating individually rather than participating in groups.
  • Participants will be distributed into groups.
  • Each contestant will be given one random problem to solve from a pool of 200 problems. The maximum time limit to solve the problem will be 20 minutes.
  • Maximum 2 participants will be selected from the 1st round for the 2nd round from each group depending on their earned points.5 participants will be selected from the 2nd round as finalist.
  • No problem will be repeated, so each contestant will get different problem in different round.
  • Registration fee is 500 TK for each participant and the registration will be on till 22nd February 12 AM.
  • There will be maximum three rounds. The first round will be primary round, the second round will be for qualifying to third round, the third round will be the final round.
  • The registration may close prior to the deadline if maximum number of participants register before the deadline. So, it will be on first come first serve basis.
  • The organizers keep all the rights to decide on the following issues:
    1. How many participant will be allowed to register.
    2. Number of participant in each group during the formation of the group,
    3. Number of rounds to reach final.
  • Online UVA judge will be the online platform.
  • No participant will be allowed to access any document online.
  • No electronics device can be used during the contest.

Pay first (500tk per person) before Register

In order to continue with the registration process for Solo Programming Contest you first need to pay the registration fee to the number: 01839 598 525 using bKash. After payment please come up with the transaction ID and the bKash number you sent payment from to continue the registration.